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We provide hands on training for All OSHA topics, Pec Premier Safe Land Safe Gulf, Hands on Loader, Aerial Lift, all construction equipment training, Fall Protection, Hazwoper, Rig Pass, H2S, Confined Space. Classes are held weekly in heart of the oil county. Class schedules can be seen at


Pec Premier Basic & Core Training

The PEC Core Compliance program brings together the health, safety and environmental training certifications most requested by oilfield operators. PEC Core Compliance is SafeLand

Needed for most contractor orientations


Equipment Wheel Loader Training

Students learn to safely and efficiently operate different pieces of heavy equipment or forklifts from prestart inspsections, daily maitenance, and safe general operation. Man Lift, aerial lift, forklift, wheel loaders, Genie, JLG, Komastu John Deere, CAT ETC. Available Training at your location.


Osha Safety Training Topics

Teaching all aspects of safety. We teach hands on training office, industry, manufacturing, construction, oil feild .

OSHA Safety & Health Fundamentals Courses CLICK TO START

Asbestos (Construction) $24.95

Asbestos (General Industry) $24.95

Bloodborne Pathogens $24.95

Concrete and Masonry Construction $24.95

Construction Safety: Struck and Caught Hazards $24.95

Crane Safety (Construction) 2010 $24.95

Electrical Safety (Construction) $24.95

Electrical Safety (General Industry) $24.95

Ergonomics (Construction) $24.95

Ergonomics in the Office $24.95

Excavations (Construction) $24.95

Fall Protection $24.95

Fire Safety (Construction) $24.95

Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness (General Industry) $24.95

First Aid $24.95

Flammable and Combustible Liquids $24.95

Forklift Safety $24.95

GHS Hazard Communication $24.95

Hand and Power Tools (Construction) $24.95

Health Hazards in Construction: Lead and Silica $24.95

Hearing Conservation $24.95

Heavy Equipment (Construction) $24.95

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) $24.95

Introduction to Industrial Hygiene $24.95

Introduction to OSHA (Construction) $24.95

Introduction to OSHA (General Industry) $24.95

Ladder Safety $24.95

Lockout/Tagout $24.95

Managing Safety and Health $29.95

Materials Handling (Construction) $24.95

Materials Handling (General Industry) $24.95

Permit-Required Confined Spaces $24.95

Personal Protective Equipment (Construction) $24.95

Personal Protective Equipment (General Industry) $24.95

Respiratory Protection $24.95

Safe Driving Practices $24.95

Scaffolds (Construction) $24.95

Steel Erection (Construction) $24.95

Walking-Working Surfaces (General Industry) $24.95

Welding and Cutting $24.95

Workplace Fires and Emergencies (General Industry) $24.95 

Transportation Courses CLICK TO START

Alabama Metal Coil Certification $25.00

Best Practices for CMV Drivers: Adverse Conditions and Emergency Situations $7.99

Best Practices for CMV Drivers: Changing Lanes and Passing $7.99

Best Practices for CMV Drivers: Curves, Turns, and Downgrades $7.99

Best Practices for CMV Drivers: Pedestrians and Passengers $7.99

Best Practices for CMV Drivers: Right-of-Way and Intersections $7.99

Best Practices for CMV Drivers: Start-Up, Back-Up, and Parking Procedures $7.99

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Automobiles, Light Trucks, and Vans, and Flattened or Crushed Vehicles $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Concrete Pipe $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Dressed Lumber and Similar Building Products $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: General Requirements $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Heavy Vehicles, Equipment, and Machinery $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Intermodal Containers $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Large Boulders $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Logs $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Metal Coils $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Paper Rolls $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Roll-On/Roll-Off or Hook Lift Containers $24.95

DOT Driver's Guide to CDL Requirements $24.95

DOT Driver's Guide to Driving CMVs $24.95

DOT Driving Commercial Motor Vehicles: Rules of the Road $24.95

DOT Drug and Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Training $39.95

DOT Financial Responsibility for Passenger-Carrying Motor Carriers $7.99

DOT Financial Responsibility for Property-Carrying Motor Carriers $7.99

DOT Hours of Service for Oilfield Operations $24.95

DOT Motor Carrier General Applicability: Who and When $24.95

Driver Wellness $24.95

Entry-Level Driver Training $39.95

Tanker Truck Inspections for Drivers $24.95

Texas Regulations and FMCSR Exceptions for Intrastate Commerce $24.95

Whistleblower Protection (Transportation) $24.95

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