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Forklift Training - Wheel loaders, Man Lifts, Dozer, Scrapers,

Heavy Equipment, Road Equipment Training and Certification.

Using the latest materials from

John Deere, CASE, Komastu,

Caterpillar, Volvo, Geni, JLG

Classroom training and hand on forklift and wheel loader training. Forklift or wheel loader training is performed on site with the machine you will be using. 

Wheel Loader

  • Walk around pre-start up inspection
  • Pre-start Up Instruction
  • Daily Safety Rules
  • Best Operating Practices
  • Proper way to install and remove attachments
  • Classroom training
  • Drive Machine to show skills
  • Proper Start up and Shut down Procedures
  • Seat Belt Safety and Importance
  • Test to review classroom materials
  • Certification card is provided to employer after successful class completion along with copy for the employee file.


Tires, Wheels, Lug Nuts, Stem Caps Inflation, Leaks, Damage, Wear Bucket Cutting Edge, Moldboard Excessive wear, Damage Bucket Lift and Tilt Cylinders, Lines, Hoses Excessive wear, Damage, Leaks Loader Frame, Arms Excessive wear, Damage Underneath Machine Leaks, Damage Transmission, Transfer Case Leaks Steps and Handholds Condition, Cleanliness Fuel Tank Fuel Level, Damage, Leaks Differential and Final Drive Oil Fluid Level Air Tank (if equipped w/ air brakes) Drain Moisture Axles – Final Drives, Differentials, Brakes, Duo-cone Seals Leaks, Damage, Wear Hydraulic Tank Fluid Level, Damage, Leaks Transmission Oil Fluid Level Lights, Front and Rear Function, Damage to Lens, Housing, or Wiring Battery Compartment Cleanliness, Loose Nuts & Bolts


Engine Oil Fluid Level Engine Coolant Fluid Level Radiator Debris, Damage, Leaks All Hoses Cracks, Wear Spots, Leaks Fuel Filters / Water Separator Leaks / Drain Water (if equipped) All Belts Tension, Wear, Cracks Air Filter Restriction Indicator Overall Engine Compartment Trash or Dirt Buildup, Leaks


Handholds Condition and Cleanliness ROPS Damage, Loose Mounting Bolts Fire Extinguisher/System Charge, Damage Windshield, Windows Broken Glass, Cleanliness Windshield Wipers / Washers Wear, Damage / Fluid Level Doors Open properly, broken glass


Seat Adjustment-Height, Weight, Able to Reach Pedals Seat Belt & Mounting Damage, Wear, Adjustment, Age Horn, Backup Alarm, Lights Proper Function Mirrors Damage, Adjust for Best Visibility Cab Air Filter Dirt, Dust Gauges, Indicators, Switches, Controls Damage, function Overall Cab Interior Cleanliness

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